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We're beyond excited to have you onboard as a mentor under Mentoring SG. You can expect to be equipped to help you lead confidently in the role, as well as explore mentoring opportunities allowing you to nurture the next generation.

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Why be a Mentor?


Being a mentor allows you to give back to society; by stepping forward and sharing your insights and experiences, you help nurture the future generation of youth.


Hearing from your mentee is a great opportunity for you to gain new perspectives on certain issues and to learn more about yourself, including areas for improvement.


Through the sharing of personal thoughts and stories, mentoring establishes a deep and organic relationship between the mentor and the mentee. You will come to realise that mentoring is the perfect avenue for you to forge a long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationship with your mentee.

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    Amitava Ray

    Advisory Mentorship Programme

    "Being able to make a difference is what I feel had impacted me the most"

  • mentors/thumbnail/1666078560535/ang-shengjin.png

    Ang Shengjin

    LASALLE Alumni Mentorship Programme

    "It is never too late and you are always good enough."

  • mentors/thumbnail/1666078681892/dr-hamid-razak.png

    Dr Hamid Razak

    IMPROF Mentorship & Networking Programme, Founder of IMPROF

    "Mentoring is really a two way street"

  • mentors/thumbnail/1670396230445/liaw-lay-kian-edited.png

    Liaw Lay Kian

    ITE Alumni Mentoring Programme

    "I would strongly encourage ITE peers to participate in this meaningful programme to inspire students"

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