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We're thrilled to have you join us as a mentee under Mentoring SG. You can keep a lookout for growth and mentoring opportunities via Mentoring SG.

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Why be a Mentee?


With the presence of a mentor, you will be encouraged and empowered to take charge of your personal development with the provision of guidance and support from time to time.


With their expertise and experience, mentors can offer specific insights and information that help you adapt effectively and ensure your success in your field.


A part and parcel of mentoring involve receiving constructive feedback from your mentor, providing insights on how you are perceived by others and shedding some light on potential areas for improvement.

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    Chin Wei Ling

    Advisory Mentorship Programme

    "She has impacted my life in alot of ways."

  • mentees/thumbnail/1670396838024/gordon-edited.jpg

    Gordon Quek

    Octopus8's InterviewsConnect Mentorship Programme

    "These resources allowed me to better understand myself."

  • mentees/thumbnail/1670396094627/marc-koong-edited.jpg

    Marc Koong

    SMU The Mentoring Circle

    "It's been a blessing to make new friends, experiences, and challenge each other to grow."

  • mentees/thumbnail/1666078348109/pearlin-benita-love.png

    Pearlin Benita Love

    Mentor Me Mentoring Programme

    "I could feel that he was genuine and sincere in nurturing me."

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