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25 Jul 2024

Mentor Development: The 8 Practices to an Effective Mentoring Conversation

Building a strong and trusted mentoring relationship relies on effective communication skills. Join our workshop to learn how to develop a powerful me...

21 Jun 2024

Career Management 101

"🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️Hey youths aged 17-25! Are you ready to future proof your career? 💼Join us for "Career Management 101 – The Street Smart Way" talk with Mr...

11 May 2024

Mentoring For Youths

Mentoring For Youth is a Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) accredited course that will unlock your potential as a mentor and make a posi...

01 Jan 2024

Mentoring 101

Mentoring 101, a foundational programme, is designed to help aspiring mentors be ready to connect, communicate and eventually mentor. Head start yo...

31 Dec 2023

On My Way

Explore the personable content on OMW, and find out if your career plans and educational pathway match your interests, values and goals.

17 Nov 2023

National Mentoring Summit 2023

The National Mentoring Summit is an annual flagship event that brings together mentoring practitioners, leaders, advocates, and stakeholders from acro...

23 Oct 2023

Group Mentoring: Growing Resilience: Empowering Youth to Overcome Anxiety

This interactive workshop aims to equip participants with the necessary tools to navigate life's challenges by providing guidance on various aspects o...

19 Aug 2023

SEEK Better Career Fair

Join us at the SEEK Better Career Fair on August 19-20 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre. Interact with top hirers and even land interviews on t...

14 Aug 2023

Introduction to Youth Mentoring (For Volunteers)

Calling all youth mentors! Empower your mentees by learning techniques of building rapport and maintaining relationship with them. Use the GROW Goal C...

22 Jul 2023

World X 2023

Calling all aspiring youths! Get ready to embark on a unique career exploration journey at World X, brought to you by The Astronauts Collective (TAC)...

30 Jun 2023

Career Guidance Volunteering Opportunities

TAC supports youths to explore and discover meaningful careers! Join us to help guide and mentor youths to discover meaningful careers.

28 Apr 2023

INSPIRIT Engagement: Career Literacy for our Financial Wellbeing

Graduating and looking for your first job soon? This upcoming dialogue would be perfect! Career professionals will share their insights and expertise...

25 Feb 2023

Career Human Library: Beautiful World

A Beautiful World enhances our well-being, adds colour to our environment, and contributes to making our world a better place. Sign-up now.

09 Dec 2022

National Mentoring Summit 2022

Our 4th edition of the annual National Mentoring Summit 2022 aims to bring together all stakeholders in the mentoring ecosystem, where we will learn f...

10 Jan 2022

Certified Professional Mentor (CPM)

The Certified Professional Mentor (CPM) Training program is AIM’s flagship 7 online sessions intensive holistic mentor training program to provide a s...

22 Dec 2021

Celebrate! Accelerate!

As mentors, we have milestones, they can be good ones or not-so-good ones. As we are nearing the end of 2021, let us celebrate the good ones and le...

11 Dec 2021

The Mentoring Village: Understanding The Importance Of Community In Mentoring

Every youth has the desire to belong to a community. Some may seek destructive community such as gangs to meet their need for belonging. Hear the best...

22 Oct 2021

Essential Generative Questioning Techniques to Evoke Awareness

Essential Generative Questioning Techniques, a two-hour conversation, will help you develop the tools you need to uncover your mentees’ needs. Walk th...

19 Oct 2021

Coaching Skills for Mentor

Join the webinar to learn practical tips on developing your resilience mindset and improving your employability by planning for the future. We show yo...

25 Sep 2021

Developing Powerful Youth Mentoring Skills

A 2-day training packed with practical and effective skills, techniques and tips for powerful mentoring of today’s youths. A positive youth developmen...

16 Sep 2021

First Aid in Cyber Wellness

About 2 in 3 Singaporeans admit they have a social networking and Internet addiction. Any device that has internet access can be addictive, such as...

03 Sep 2021

Conversations: Creating the Future of Mentoring Together on 3rd Sept Summary

100 representations from the 3P sectors (including you!) shared your views and suggested ideas on 4 key focus areas.

28 Aug 2021

Developing Powerful Youth Mentoring Skills

A 2-day training packed with practical and effective skills, techniques and tips for powerful mentoring of today’s youths. A positive youth developmen...

17 Aug 2021

Shifting Mind. Shaping Behaviour.

Re-define influence. Find out how we shift a person from passive to commitment. Identify simple and applicable strategies to shape their actions.

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