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The mentoring ecosystem comprises of three key stakeholders: Corporates, Schools, and Mentoring Organisations. While each of these stakeholders have their own networks and expertise, they play an important role in the mentoring ecosystem by drawing upon their strengths and working in synergy.


How do different stakeholders play a part?



Mentoring SG provides a robust ecosystem of mentees, in addition to valuable resources, to ensure mentors from corporate backgrounds can impart the necessary skills and expertise needed for future full-time employees and interns to grow further in their desired roles.


  • Encouraging employees to pursue mentoring opportunities or lending their expertise/support to mentoring organisations
  • Partner schools & mentoring organisations to curate mentoring programmes involving their employees
  • Imbue a mentoring culture within the organisation by tapping on Mentoring SG’s best practices/training

How Can Mentoring SG Help?

Through Mentoring SG, opportunities for public relations and branding efforts can be extended to corporates—alongside avenues for CSR and staff engagement—to bolster the continued circulation of resources within the mentoring ecosystem.

  • Support

    • Public Relations efforts to align mentoring efforts to Mentoring SG
    • Mentoring opportunities aligned to company's CSR efforts
    • Consultancy services for corporates to curate appropriate CSR opportunities that attends to both the needs of the organisation and the youth
  • Resources

    To help ease the transition into kickstarting or merging your mentoring programmes with Mentoring SG, we provide appropriate resources for corporate use.

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    Senior VP of HR, Lazada

    Brian Liu

    "Mentoring SG is a fantastic platform for businesses, to kickstart virtuous cycles of spreading and amplifying their values."

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    Social Impact Manager, LinkedIn

    Grace Seow

    "Mentoring isn't just for youth! It's applicable to anyone, regardless of age."


Mentoring SG provides many helpful opportunities for students to develop and grow further into their desired roles in the corporate world. These include the provision of a healthy and diverse network of mentors, and participation in open broad-based or bespoke programmes to ease students into our mentoring ecosystem.


  • Share existing mentoring programmes to student population and encourage them to participate in it
  • Partner corporate and/or mentoring organisation to curate a mentoring programme that suits your school/youth' needs
  • Partner mentoring organisation to avail growth-related opportunites e.g. career exploratory/discovery or industry talks, etc to interest youth towards mentoring

How Can Mentoring SG Help?

Through Mentoring SG, schools can partner with corporates and mentoring organisations to connect youth with a whole host of growth pathways. This would encourage a continuous supply of youth within the mentoring ecosystem.

  • Support

    • Consultancy Services
    • Training, Resources & Support
    • Be Part of A Mentoring Community
    • Community of Practices
  • Resources

    Further support your students with the appropriate resources needed to bring the mentoring ecosystem closer to your school's doorstep.


Mentoring Organisations can be seen as a third party that connects the supplies of mentors and mentees within the mentoring ecosystem. They are there to ensure that mentors and mentees can link up and establish a meaningful mentor-mentee relationship


  • Offer and list existing mentoring programmes on Mentoring SG Connect and consider the open market for their mentors/mentees
  • Offer existing light touch engagement as a prelude to mentoring
  • Scale existing mentoring programmes and/or offer light-touch youth engagement to take in more youth
  • Curate mentoring programmes based on needs of schools and corporates

How Can Mentoring SG Help?

Mentoring Organisations can expect to gain access to holistic resources ensuring the effectiveness of the mentoring programmes. These include networking, publicity, recruitment and consultancy services. If you intend to partner with Mentoring SG, check out our starter kit.

  • Support

    • Community of Practices
    • Mentorship Recruitment
    • Funding Resources
    • Scaling Your Mentorship Programme
  • Resources

    To help ease the transition into kickstarting or merging your mentoring programmes with Mentoring SG, we provide appropriate resources for your mentoring organisation.

Success Stories

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    CARE Singapore

    Dr John Tan

    "Not only can I help youths of the community, but I feel that I made self-improvements as well."

  • organisation/thumbnail/1668667037010/yi-terng.jpg

    CEO and Founder, YouthHarmony

    Mr Lee Yi Terng

    "Following established practices to create the best experiences possible."